Interpretation/Translation Services

Interpretation/translation services provide language support throughout our district, including interpretation for special education services, discipline hearings, and student-led conferences. We also coordinate written document translations and provide support to schools for forms, fliers, and general parent communication.



If you require assistance in the Spanish language, please email or call 479-498-8850.


Si Usted necesita ayuda en el idioma español, llame a la oficina de Marcela Estrada: 479-498-8850 o


If you require translations or interpretations in Spanish for parent contact, please contact: Marcela Estrada: 479-968-3106 or
If you need translations or interpretations in Arabic or another language for parent contact, please contact: Toby Ridenhour: 479-968-3106 or
Please, allow up to a week for written translations, and please plan ahead for needs. The ESL department can only translate or interpret for parent communication.