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9th Grade Exemption from the Semester Tests

posted Feb 24, 2013, 4:29 PM by Al Harpenau
As a reminder, 9th grade students have the opportunity to earn exemption from the semester tests at the end of this semester. Please know that end-of-course (EOC) exams that are required of certain courses (Algebra, Geometry, BioMed, CBA, etc.) are not part of the exemption process. The exemption policy was shared with 9th grade students this week in most classes and is based on grades and absences. Important parts of the policy are:
-students with an A this semester may have up to 3 absences
-students with a B may have up to 2 absences
-students with a C may have 1 absence
-students with a D may not have any absences
-school-related absences (field trips and school sport trips) are not counted toward absences for exemption, but all other absences will be.
-exemption status is based on teacher records per class
-3 unexcused tardies to a class = 1 absence
-if a student is not in class for at least 40 (of the 50) minutes, he/she is considered absent (checks-in late or checks-out early). Time spent in the office for dress code violations will be considered unexcused time from class.