Facilitator: Shelly Williams

-"EAST Goes Green"

-"Operation Red"

-Farewell Video

-Don't Text and Drive Awarness

-Relay for Life

-Fire Plan Map

-Office Monitor Route Map

-Animal Abuse Awarness

-Don't Do Drugs

-Recruitment Video

-Daily Announcements

-Spring Play Programs and Posters

-RJHS Website

-AR Saves

-U.S.O (United Servcie Organization) project

-"The Giant Twinkie" (school bus safety video)
East Goes Green is a program where the students have put recycling bins in the hallways and the classrooms at RJHS to recycle paper, aluminum, and plastic. This program started in the Spring and will be an on-going project.


-"Operation Red" is a project where EAST Students are painting the Whirlwinds on the streets of RJHS red. They have already painted the trash cans on campus red & black.

EAST Conference

March 1st-3rd, 2011